Thursday, June 7, 2012


Something familiar but rarely felt
All in the air but hardly smelt
Into the wild a whole lot it tames
It just may be mild but heavy with pains

Just like the moon it waxes and wanes

Just like in June whenever it rains
It showers with meekness
Infecting the mind with a healthy sickness

Just like a flu its sufferers quiver

Be you so tough; a thug or a diva
It pierces like darts when things fall apart
Into the mind and deep in the heart


Drowning in the feeling I love
Anything else will not be enough
Kisses and hugs, hands on the curve
Feelings I get are worth dreaming of

Out of the bloom emotions evolve
All in the room they wouldn't dissolve
Locked in a clutch like hands in a cuff
Deep in the notch as smooth as a turf

Right on the curve emerges a scuff
Just for the sake of getting enough
The hoots of an owl, the voice of a dove
Sounds of the act; all unheard-of

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Like a soon-to-be-freed slave
I strive for everything I crave
and smoothly pave every way I behave
To the plans I previously made
So much time I stupidly gave
The pranks and tricks I played
My shenanigans I quickly wave

Until I rest in my peaceful grave
I solemnly vow to miss behave
that I'll forever be her mystery slave
Avoid the beef like my uncle Dave
and take a risk cos I must be brave
Incarcerated in her misty cave
Decapitated if I misbehave

Monday, May 21, 2012


My lifelong friend I think you are
Even apart I wouldn't deter
Recalling the days with memories I keep
Close to my heart they sink in so deep
You're just like a gift; one with a seal
Back in my life making me squeal
Once in a while I think of your smile
Opposing the thought of seeing you cry


Two keys in my palm
Without these I'll never be calm
Enemies at sight my grip gets so tight
Face to face, I'm ever ready to fist fight
cos I do wrong but in order to do right

Two keys in my palm
With these I perceive no qualm
With these I'll try to master another
I'll strive further and never bother
cos prayer's the key and knowledge's the other

Friday, August 26, 2011


Like yesterday it was; so far gone
A decade it is, still we mourn
Deep in my mind images run
Somehow destructive just like a bomb

Till this day I deeply mourn
And sometimes pray you're still not gone
Among the rest you stand as the one
Simply the best; second to none

Each time you play I think you're reborn
Bringing me light just like the sun
Sometimes at night I guess you're the one;
The angel who sings, midnight to dawn

Composed: 08/25/2011

In Loving Memory of the PRINCESS OF POP: 

Aaliyah Dana Haughton 
(January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Conceived by the dawn, born of the rising sun
Her freshness is one second to none
Each day I thirst I thirst for her presence
cos she's a gift; so much of an essence
A gift so nice; one with no price
Bundle of blessings no man would despise
She comes after each passing day
So after this very day she'll again be on her way

For her arrival I pray
Though to her I have nothing to say
I guess she's close but still seems far away
She'll be here tomorrow
Surely, she'll be here to borrow
Some of mine and yours may follow
For all I know my pockets are hollow
So I'll give her my sorrow when I see her tomorrow


In my quiet times I crave sounds
Rhythm and poetry of different pounds
Mind twisted with every video
I feel bored without a stereo
But with my radio
Emancipation is a possible scenario

With my radio I crave more sounds
Rhythm and blues of different pounds
Eyes shut like a human who's dead
Surrounding vibes fill up my head
Deep in my mind its all emancipation
But in my head its cerebral disintegration

I hear the sounds, I feel the beats
In my room and on the streets
Now I'm deaf and partially insane
cos with my radio I seem not to know my name
With my radio I'm never the same
On who must I put the blame


Superstar so fly
Up in the sky you reside so high
To be with you I know I must fly
I have no wings but I know I must try

I wish for a kiss; not on your lips
I wish I could squeeze your lovely hips
I aim from above while drowning in wine
All for the love of making you mine

I wish for a touch I guess you know why
I'll take you to church whenever you lie
I'll take you so far I bet you will cry
Just to be sure the sea's never dry

Up in the sky we'll be lost in the cloud
Screaming my name will never be loud
If we could dine I'll make you be mine
Spotting the sign you'll surely be fine


Leather's like skin it feels the same
Clutching to it relieves the pain
I held on firm with pleasure in my eyes
And advanced with motion in disguise

Step- by- step to my destination
I controlled my thoughts with self motivation
Moving so swift but somehow lame
I switched lane for the love of the game

Rubber's like queen it kills the game
Its good for the rain but it drives me insane
I stood erect watching things fall apart
And I fell in love just like that


Similar to the square root of four
It signifies the opposite of war
As firm as the ears of a hare
It's simply two fingers in the air
Just like a hare so lonely
The middle and the index only

Both held out for a reason
One we all must believe in
For as long as I keep living
In the reason I'll keep believing
'cos the sign is the reason
Peace! we should believe in

Thursday, February 17, 2011


As warm as the sun during the summer
It comes for one truly a lover
Cruel and so mean it pierces the heart
Firm and so sharp like claws of a cat
Replacing strength with weakness,
It leaves one with a healthy sickness

Eyelids lock in moment of bliss
Four lips touch in moment of kiss
Priceless it is, so tender it feels
Tasteless it is, with so much it heals
Its more than you see; much more than it seems
Not just a kiss but just what it is

Monday, December 6, 2010


What I wear is what you see
A reflection of who and what I'll be
Young and never dumb
Old and ever bold
I'll be right and never wrong
Hot and never cold

Appearance barely defines my personality
So judge not by the image in your visibility
Who exactly am I?
Ponder less cos the answer resides in your curiosity
I'll be exactly who I am
From now till eternity

What I wear is what you see
A perspective of an obscure identity
I'll be bright and never dull
Smart while I walk tall
What I wear is what I like
Regardless of your view
I'll forever be your type


On her skin I long for touch
Like nothing I've seen the beauty's so much
Her skin is smooth, her skin is brown
Speaking the truth she deserves a crown
If I were a king I'll make her my queen
I'll pet her so much because of her skin

Because of her skin a dreamer I've been
Feeling her skin all over my skin
Though it's like a risk I dream of a dip
Taking a dive into her skin
I dream of a touch, I dream of a kiss
Her skin on my skin is something I wish

Thursday, November 25, 2010


He is the one; the blood of a male
He is a true born; a brother we hail
He is the head, he is the tail
One with the soul never for sale
Just like a guide he stands by your side
He is a gift; the pride of a bride
He is the brain, he is the vein
He is the drug that’s keeping you sane
He is the back, he is the bone
He is the shield; the roof of a home

He is the one; the flesh of a male
He is the son; a father we hail
He is a giver much more than a taker
True to the world and never a faker
He is a man; a real home maker
He is a chef just like a baker
He is a lady lover not a heart breaker
He is a keeper not a ripper
He is a pillar; a human so eager
Willing to try cos he aims to get bigger

He is the one; the bone of a male
He is a man; grandfather we hail
Without a doubt he is the root
He is the mouth; a speaker of truth
He is the zeal, he is the strength
He is the will; a true Heaven sent
Just like a day he leaves you with hope
Though times may be hard with him you can cope
He is the cloud, he is the rain
He is the flood erasing your pain

Sunday, November 14, 2010


God is love, love is kind
God is king; one of a kind
His love is real; ever so true
His love is pure and ever so new
His love is abundant upon mankind
Whatever we quest by Him we can find
God is love, love is real
God is real; more than supreme

God is love, love leads one to God
God is love, love is the one word
God is love, love is life
God is love; the giver of life
He reigns all through with love from above
His words are true and these are to you
God is love; a king to love
In your thoughts these words should revolve


Facing the fact has been so cold
I've ever since been so bold
But the pain has been so hard to withhold
Yet another day, anniversary they say
No champagne, so for your soul I pray
And celebrate your life in just another way
Rest in peace! But in that of my heart
For in the peace of my heart
Your soul will never depart


Why lie when truth can be told?
To be safe but damned when it unfolds?
The truth can be spoken sometimes for free
And this makes it quite easy for people to see
The truth is so clear, real and supreme
But with a lie it can be concealed
The lie is like a suit wrongly designed for the truth
Yet with every bit it rightly fits

Why lie when truth can be told?
For the fame but defamed when truth be told?
Lie is so unreal, without the truth it ceases to exist
And the fact is one it'll always resist
A good lie might make sense
But might bring chaos to one's conscience
Why lie when truth can be told?
Be true to yourself and always be bold


I never knew but now I know
Time ticks smooth but never slow
Since each second marks a record
I'll act fast with a particular method
I'll proceed to succeed and never retreat
Hoping for victory and never defeat

I aimed at the peak as I reached for mine
I felt so weak so I trusted time
It slipped and made me fall
But I got to my feet cos I must not crawl
With my head up I stood up tall
And the words of my mind I then recalled

Time is a friendly foe; this I surely know
It comes for a purpose and is ever ready to go
Its moves so swift but somehow slow
Passing by just as we grow
Take every bit and return what you owe
For what you shall reap is what you sow


Juicy and cute is how you look
Undeniably, your beauty's not a fluke
Sun-kissed skin looking so brown
Thick eye brows deserve no frown
Fantasies emerge whenever you smile
Obstructing my view just for a while
Round-faced lady just like a baby
Earthly queen never looking lazy
Blessed with skin like caramel cream
Ever luscious like peaches in cream
Richly endowed on the waist
Every night I dream of a taste


Simply blue, friendly and true
Words from your mouth are gentle like dew
Empress so cute, blessed with brown eyes
Expressions so smooth ever so nice
Thinking of you is life with no frown
Even at times I just may be down
Dealing with thoughts I'll never be sad
I spoke with a queen I'll ever be glad
Thanks for the words, your smile and your time
Hoping we'll meet better in time


You seem so weak and I feel your pain
But to be strong we must do it again
So much of my love cannot be enough
Either beneath or sailing above
Drowning in it I'll be like your wave
Making you wet like you're in a rave
Each time you slip I'll be there for a save
Serving you right just like your slave

I'll be your hero when you call
But I'll take no credit for doing it all
I'll do it safe just for our sake
And give you all with no mistake
My gift is a course;
A true blessing meant for us
It's naturally mine and technically yours
Making good love strictly for us

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Your love is kind and just like water
Precious to one, worthless to another
It showers so mild and rises like flood
Into my skin mixed with my blood
Therein it resides, all through it flows
All through my vein erasing my pain

Of all I thirst your love comes first
'cos it's so real and different from the rest
It's more of a story and extraordinary
Whenever it flows it builds me up
It makes me strong and fills me up
Giving me weight like fluid in a cup

Your love is true and just like water
Refreshing to one, depressing to another
It gives me strength and brings me joy
Something of old like the victory in Troy
Your love is life and still like water
It would dry never and flow forever

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yet another journey for me
I walk through a path so free
Paved so smooth but filled with quicksand
The drag is one I must withstand
Forward ever I stride
Backward never I hold on to pride

On my face are cascades of sweat
Its so hard but I persist with strength
My eyes stay on the price
But I wonder how high I'll rise
Scales off my eyes reveal the enemies in disguise
Bats and bees, mosquitoes and fleas

Snakes and sticks, vultures on trees
All these and plots to see me deceased
Now I feel jaded
Feeble in health cos its like my hope's faded
My vision gets blurry as my eyes strain for glory
But I unleash my guts for what the price is worth

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


To her I'm engaged
For nothing but knowledge in exchange
So old but still young;
In all languages she speaks
Though without lips she never quits

Here and within every surrounding
For understanding her words are so demanding
She's not much of a beauty
But she extends to every line of duty
She's not much of a friend
But she'll be there till the end

A part of her is one I most desire
But I'll be patient cos I know she'll not expire
She rules across the earth in almost every aspect
She's such a ruler; a representative of a pillar
Just like me she's a sinner
But still I love her cos she's more of a giver

I wonder why many believe her
Probably cos she supports every career
She’s a form of inspiration
A spark and a light of motivation
From her I derive pleasure and so much satisfaction
With dedication to Miss Education

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Born in Nigeria I'm a king
One without a queen; I wonder where she's been
I've got a ring but my queen is yet to be seen
Like the skin I want the cream
To be rich is my only dream
With the cream I'll buy me a queen
With the queen I'll reign supreme
I'm the sun the world's been missing
The star upon which they've been wishing
I'm the light so bright
With rays spread across the darkest night
My flow is so sick but my rhyme is sicker
Whenever I rhyme I feel like I'm a killer
cos Africa is a nine and Nigeria is the trigger


I and the net have long been paired
That's why the web is where I premiered
Whenever I grab a pen a pad gets scared
Every now and then my eyes get red
Not because I'm weird but cos I'm lyrically overfed
With words from my head and rhymes  unsaid
For the young and he with the grey beard

Here and around in every neighbourhood
Rhymes so good are those I spread
Kind of like soul food spiritually shared
Not to be ignored but to be read instead
For the sake of the scared to grow brave hearted

"Mind broken can never be repaired"
This I once said but when asked why, I said Zed
My words are clear and easy to be read
But quite hard for the short sighted
Probably cos one must be close to reachout and touch my head

Towards your goal always be geared
Strive for the best and ignore the rest
But when you get stressed it best you rest
Respect the living and also the dead
No one but God must thus be feared

Much to be seen and more to be heard
Of none must we be scared
Of all must we be prepared
Use your head and hope not be misled
'cos the truth is better read than heard


If I go wrong with this how else should I write this?
Whether or not the world likes this I'll still write this
I'm the best and there's no need to fight this
Rather than beat my chest while I write this
I'll beat the rest and make them like this

Right here I'm a guest;
Probably not the first but surely the best
So to the rest, vamoose! is what I suggest
Whiteboy is the name, poetry is the game,
and rhyming is the way the game is played
So if yours seem lame, its best you fade

The game is like a test
Thats why every now and then I thirst
Strictly for the cash I quest
cos the fame is one I detest
A message to the rest; the cream is my interest
And since I'm the best, in my palms the cash must rest


My future was like a web design undefined
Until today's forecast declared sunshine well defined
I'm the son above all born to shine
Born to rhyme while I rock a mic and possess what is mine
Ignoring a life of crime I strive and do my job overtime
Saving up every dime to keep me in line and have me live just fine
My job is a game meant for he who's got brain
But its kind of like cocaine cos its driving my colleagues insane
I maintain my lane and try to sustain
cos i don't care if no one knows my name
For the money or fame, consistency is the key to the game
So to all y'all who just cant keep up I suggest you refrain
The game has got brothaz lost in the rain
Making them forget that after the sun comes the rain
And after the rain comes the sun again
With pain or with gain the game should stay thesame
'Rap' is the name of the game
But its so insane that I see no rhythm and poetry
Just clowns who entertain

Monday, January 4, 2010


Situations rise, situations fall
Like the sun so bright but sometimes dull
Before our eyes they rise
Before our toes they fall
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
As blessings in disguise, like good times so nice
May be not, may be so
But as quick as they come will be as soon as they go

Situations rise, situations fall
May be bright, may be dull
Like the sun and the rain
With pleasure or with pain
Whatever the case one thing still remains
They come and they go
With pain or with gain


Conceived by the worst means
By mistake or by decision
His principle is his true religion
Born of his mother; he's a son of another
Whoever it doesn't really matter
cos he is still your brother
A son of Adam


I want to live and hold on to mine
I don’t want to die not before my time
I want the gift and not the curse
Blessings and mercy; spiritual hug
Goodness and love all from my Lord
I want to be free; to do as I please
Free from stress and succeed with ease
I want to be big; I don’t want to be small
I want to be smart; I don’t want to be dull
I want to be wise, I want to be tall
I want to be King and reign above all
I want to be rich; I don’t want to be poor
Be happy in peace with one I adore
I want to live long, I want to be strong
I want to do right; I don’t want to do wrong
I pray to my Lord that I will be strong
cos in His kingdom is where I belong

Saturday, November 28, 2009


The one above the one below is surely the one I know
He is me and I am him
Cos wherever he is from is where I've been
So much I've seen, so much I've heard
None of which made me
So much more to be seen
And much more to be heard
None of which will break me but wake me
Cos by His grace no one will forsake me

Though all I've heard, all I've seen
And where I've been never made me
I am him; the one above the one below
Created by He who reigns above we all below
In His image I was made
Therefore, the glory behind my story will never fade
Who is He who made me
No one but the Lord God Almighty
He who created me
Same He who made me the one above the one below


Music, through you I found my muse
In my life you did intrude
In a way that felt so good
At times you portray an image so rude
But still I don't care cos you sound so good

A note from a key, a string, or mahogany
Sure brings good melody
Such melody with inspiration,
Information and edutainment leads to entertainment
One which gets me going

Drowning but yet still flowing
I obey your rhythm and dance for a reason; love
Music, you bring me love, you bring me joy
You replace me sadness with gladness
And sometimes with madness
Music, you speak with different tones and voices
This makes me wonder
Who exactly are you?
What will I be without you?
What will the world be without you?
I'm glad I found you!
Cos I'll be deaf without you
The world will be dumb without you
And because we all made you
Life will be death without you


I have passion for fashion
So strong with love and affection
It tells from the way I look; suave and just that
In mood and reaction looking good remains my mission
With no intention of attracting public attention

My hair and all I wear, perfumes and underwear
Jeans, jewels, T- shirts and foot wears define my style so clear
Though I came naked I must stay clothed
Cultivating this idea makes me adhere
To my style and all I wear

Will I ever be me without what I wear?
This seems like my greatest fear
Though I’m aware I stay glued to my style and all I wear
Creating an artistic impression of bodily expression with fashion
This isn’t an obsession, its just my unending passion for fashion


Heavenly queen, earthly highness
Looking through your eyes I see the madness
Of them all I have seen you are the finest
Give to me your heart, your time and likeness
Give to me your love and all in that dress
Cos me in that dress will kill the madness

Heavenly queen earthly highness
Looking at your lips gives me mind rest
Thinking of a kiss is like a heart bless
Thinking of your hips without a caress
Is something like an err
Because you’re priceless

Heavenly queen my earthly highness
Its nothing like a film with movie madness
Something like a dream but sure you’ll like this
Something like a pin with lovely hardness
But its nothing like a sin
Just lovely blindness


Blessed by the Lord I feel blessed with you
I am an angel sent forth to you
I’ll be the sun after the rain
I’ll be the pleasure after your pain
Through the good and bad, the rough and tough
The storm and the rain; with you I’ll remain
Bright as the sun, firm as a rock
Tough as an engine put at work
I pledge all these so please believe
Plus much more you’ll receive
I’ll be your lover; I’ll be your friend
I’ll be your partner until the end


When night falls the sun goes down
The clouds get dark, the birds go down
The stars come out and shine so bright
We all go in to rest our heads
Our eyes get shut with mind at rest
The goons come out to do their worse
While thieves come out to fill their purse
When night falls down I stay awake
And watch the world until day break


Life is good but bad without food
I’ll rob a bank but just if I could
I need a job cos I have to eat
I need good clothes and shoes for my feet
My purse is empty
My thoughts are lengthy
My mind is dirty
My stomach’s empty
But I’m not hungry, just money thirsty


Ingredients in place put a smile on my face
The magic spice lies right in front of my eyes
Plain on a platter at waist level, I act with no disguise 

The recipe steams from the heat beneath
That produced by the strike of a matchstick
While I stir, let it flow and make it hit a hat trick
No hat on, no apron, with two gloves on I’ll have you well come
You’ll be glad when I’m done
Cos my job is strictly for your satisfaction


This woman is precious
This woman is great
With her and my ambitions, I keep the faith
Like no other, I truly love her
This woman is faithful, this woman is true
She's a gem; best among the few
To my soul her words are like food
She's so good, the root of womanhood

This woman shows love
This woman is kind
This woman's so tough
She's one of a kind
This woman is real, this woman is pure
My one and only, the one I adore
Like no other, this woman is mine
She'll be my mother till end of time


I am the seed the soil could not refuse;
The one the land can use
I am the growing seed,
Firm in the field of a struggling breed
Among shrubs and weeds;
The seed from which the world will feed
Surviving the whirlwind made me an intrepid
That’s why I rule in the life I lead

I was born of a plant
Fertilised by the soil on which I stand
Now I plan to reproduce more of my kind
I am the seed so tough,
Smooth and yet so rough
I am the seed so edible
Above ground level, untouched by the weevil
The birds and the devil


If she cries who will wipe her eyes?
Not even her children or grandchildren
Cos by them she's been despised and so brutalised
Loved and hated, betrayed and humiliated
But still she grows
Destined for where no one knows

Surviving different stages she gracefully ages
Year after year in the cloth she's ever worn;
A green and white gown
Now tattered and torn
Young but quite old, rich and yet poor
She stands for peace and represents unity

She begs for freedom out of captivity
Freedom of oneself and freedom from atrocities
Committed by her seeds for selfish needs
She's been so independent growing her seeds
Greasing their knees, providing their needs
But now she's weak

If she cries they'll suffer and grieve
Each and every one of her seeds;
The repercussion they'll sure receive
A harvest of weeds is what they'll reap
They'll struggle in vain and paddle in pain
Cos the tears she'll shed will water like rain


I smile when I wake at times of day break
I smile at each day upon which I pray
I smile when the sun shines
For its best to make hay
But still I pray for a calm rainy day

I smile when I see you
Cos you are such a perfect view
I smile when I reminisce
On the good and bad; the things I had
And for those I lost, still I smile

I smile at earth, of all she consists
I smile at nature and all that exists
Life and death, my sight and breath
The birds and trees, fishes and seas
The moon and stars, at the sky I smile
Black or blue, I love the view

I smile at kids; little boys and girls
I smile at jewels; diamond, gold and pearls
I smile at the economy, how well it grows
I smile at my peers, family friends and foes
For no one knows what the future holds

I smile when I succeed, at times when I achieve
At times like these, sure I smile
I smile at the world and I smile for the Lord
I smile for His sake cos the life I lead
He sure did make


In mind, body and soul
It reigns for whoever knows
In graceful movement and tender meekness
It grows but never shows
Exchange of words like kisses and hugs
A lively cruise in sacred fuse
Comes and offer no one should refuse;
A taste of love juice

Love juice shows but never flows
Cos it’s nothing like the fluid everyone knows
With an aim to please, it comes; as mild as peace
And brings about full body ease
In full control it takes charge
And makes two become one whole
As mild as it may seem, love juice is keen
Love juice is King, love juice is Queen
It comes for good to reign supreme


Another day another name
Another piece without a frame
Deep in my mind, in thoughts and meditation
Through imagination and retrospection,
Portrayal and exhibition
I thrive as my own curator
The events I hold of stories untold
Plus images and figures I mould
May allow my secrets unfold
My hands are too weak to hold them all
My mouth is too heavy to say them all
But in my heart I house them all
They remain safe finally
Here in my heart gallery

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Eyes shut mind open I found something
Something like a being so real
Kind of like a dream so real
Something new to my view
Something sweet just like you
Something pretty, something deep
Something smooth, something with curves
Plus two buds asking for hugs
Like raindrops from above I found love
Though I never knew I found peace
Peace and all the above when I found you

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Beautiful to the brim
Your beauty's so mean, its like a sin
One I must commit
Even if I must forfeit
Full to the brim,
All over it flows wherever your body goes
However, whenever you pass I feel like its gas
'cos when I don't see you I bet I perceive you

Beautiful to the brim
Your beauty's so mean, so mean and so full
And now it spills like drugs that kill
Syrup and pills; overdose that is
Like a meal made of lean
For your love I'm so keen
Full to the brim, no wonder it spills
My heart now beats for fear of how long it'll last

Beautiful to the brim
Your beauty's so real
If it were a meal, I'll never starve
'cos you, I'll forever have
I'll make you my everlasting dear
And erase my long lasting fear of how long it'll last
For without me your beauty will fade
But with me its bound to be made


Life seems short, too short to see all I should
Too short that I might die in no time
Probably after reciting this line
By chance it occurs, post no fear
Shed no tear, just dry your eyes
And celebrate my demise
For the eyes are best utilised to visualise
Preferably the path to success

Life seems short, too short to learn all I should
Too short to know all I should
Too short to achieve my desires of which I would
But knowledge is best retained when moderately obtained
And what we desire determines the rate we expire
So why must I know all?
And why must I have all?

Life seems short, too short for one to live
Too short but can be made long
For a well preserved tongue
Accepted at birth and rejected at death;
Life is a gift
One well deserved to one its well preserved
Life seems short but life is long
Break your watch to prove me wrong


Sweet female blood male, a love like none
Working together in unity as one
From your tie a family was formed
I love you and the seeds you bore
I apologise for all I did wrong
To you all I belong
With love we all grew strong
With love we'll all live long

I love you now, like I always did
And I'll always do, now and always
Always and forever I'll still love you
Even though your hair's turned grey
And if the strands pull away
For you I'll still pray
'cos my love will still stay
With you my sweet female

I love you too, just as ever
Now and whenever, whenever and forever
Even though you're now old
You're still a giver, my life saver
And sometimes a redeemer
For this I thank you, I appreciate you
And I give you this love not for sale
My dear blood male


Image immaculate must be my soul mate
So blind I've ever been
My vision's now clear, you're one so dear
How dare I ignore this chance of having a great romance
With a name as plain as the rain,
Frame as plain as the name,
Sure, I'm on the right lane
Like heaven sent, I just can't reject
No more lies, no more games
For those I told, I didn't mean to
And those I played, I thought of you all through
Like a brand with a seal which no one can peel
I'll make you feel
You'll be the brand, I'll be the seal
Forever we'll be
A relationship so pure, mutual and real


As old as I feel is as old as I am
For whatever the case may be
I'll be as old as you see
Old enough for a badge
With which I'll take charge
Old enough to achieve with plans to live large
Old enough to stride and never crawl
To get up with pride when I fall

As old as I may seem is as old as I am
Until my death day,
I'll be as old as my birthday
But for now, I'm old enough to be me
Old enough to lead;
On the street and in my field
My troops and colleagues
The kids I will breed

As old as I've been known is as old as I've grown
Old enough to teach
Old enough to learn;
Enough for me to earn
Out to possess, I crave for success
Clever and bold I strive for my own
'cos I'm old enough to make it
Just on my own


Conceived by a woman so strong
Begotten by a man so great
Little boy living by the literature of faith
Began walking at week twenty eight
Obeying the rules of his mother,
The laws of his father,
And teachings of his maker
With much love for academics and gymnastics,
He led in his classes
And began swinging back flips at age six
Hard headed and outlaw minded
At thirteen, he started feinding on the street
Institutionalised, he felt the heat on the street
Education on the same street made him hard and thug living
But mother's influence made him calm and feminine
He never trifles with education 'cos listening is his motivation
Whoever he may be, he's still a son of man
A son of God
The salt of the earth
A fish out the net
A piece out the dirt
Thats him you can bet

Thursday, July 2, 2009


My poetry is what it is
What you hear is what you get
In every disc, tape or plate we play,
Music plays at an angle, 360°
Music is my poetry and my poetry is music
What will I be without music?
I'll be mute without my poetry

My poetry is what it is
The way I live is who I am;
An intrepid ever since I was a seed
Switching gears, I thrived off my teenage years
Now whirling as a youth
In a circle I stand at an angle, 360°
Life is poetry and my poetry is life
What will life be without poetry?

My poetry is what it is
What you see is what you read
I spanned through every curve in my art
And arrived in a circle at an angle, 360°
Music, Life and Art put together
All in one I found my poetry
My poetry is what it is, 1080 degrees

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Who I am is who I am
Conceived by my mother
Begotten by my father
A son of man; just a black brother
A friend indeed and a giver who never shows greed
Sown as a seed, I sprung to a kid
The one with the lead
From the class to the field
I'm a leader indeed

Who I am is who I am
A brother with guts and history
With a heart that’s military
Rich and strong, I'm a ruler of my kind
One with pure mind and love for mankind
A preacher with words
A teacher with thoughts
A soldier with guns;
That’s who I am


I am of this world, a true son of God
A soldier with guns
A teacher with thoughts
A preacher with words
Ask of my proof, search for my shield
My pad or my pen

Imagine why I shoot
How I shield, why I read
How I write
For the witches and wizards,
Demons and the devil
Shall crumble when I rumble

Picture me living, a catholic rebel
On a higher level above the devil
And whatever trouble they plan
Shall fall double upon their clan
I am of this world, yours in eternity
Whiteboy Shyne; your son to infinity

WHO I AM (Part 2)